As many of you know, I have very strong feelings about buying specific products

(drugs, heartworm preventatives and flea and tick products) for your cat or dog from an on-line site or local store.  When these sites started, the veterinary profession was unsure as to how they were getting the products.  We were being told by the manufacturing companies that the products were being bought in bulk by veterinarians and then resold to these sites, which was illegal.  We now know that the manufacturing companies are selling directly to these sources, however, only some companies will admit it.  We also know that there are sites selling counterfeit products.

Over the years I have tried to educate my clients about these on-line sources and I have tried to keep my prices competitive so that I can sell the products, which come directly from my sales reps, to you.  It is getting harder and harder to keep my prices competitive and with a bad economy, I am always looking out for my clients in a financial way.  Every year I try to get promotions from the manufacturing companies so that I can offer competitive pricing.  Over the years I have had to take a substantial loss in revenues from products sold because of the competitive nature of the business.  Therefore, my request of a client to buy products from me goes beyond making money.  I feel strongly that if I am going to take care of you pet, then I should dispense the medicine.  Many of these products are considered over the counter but they really are types of medicines that can have serious , sometimes life threatening, side effects.  If your pet has a problem with the product, you will call me for help, not some on-line pet pharmacy.  Also these products that we have for animals are very complex in how they work, differences between them, and their potential side-effects that only a veterinarian can discuss with you. Also, every year new products hit the market that we are told about directly from the manufacturer so we can educate our clients.

The bottom line for me regarding products is that I try to give my clients the best personal care and attention for their pets.  Selling these products to you is part of that care that I am responsible for as your veterinarian.