"Dr Massaro has provided our cat and dog with excellent compassionate care for 10 years. It is such a relief to have her come to our home. It makes all vet appts so much easier and less stressful for all of us. We'd never think of seeing anyone else."
Pat Griffin and Kathy Neal


"Dr M has been my babies Dr since we had our first dog, Im talking like 20 yrs ago. I would not change ever. She is a compassionate caring person not just our Vet. She has done things such as surgery on our cat herself instead of having us go to a Vet surgeon which saved us a considerable amount of money. She has put 2 of our loving Rottis to sleep at our home with us and have seen her cry when she has done so.. now thats a loving person!! We have 4 beautiful pups that are my life and she knows that and is always there when I need her, day or night. I just knew that when I first met her, she was working at a Vet office in my town, that she would always be my pets Dr. I remember her telling me she was going to start her own biz and when I called the office to make a yearly appt and found she had left I was frantic!! The office wouldnt tell me where she went so it was a good thing I remembered she said it was a house call practice and I searched and finally found her. She has been part of our family ever since."
Tracy O'Connor

"Cat and Dog House Calls offers many conveniences that traditional animal hospitals cannot. One of the biggest, for our dog, is eliminating the fear and trauma that she experienced when taken from home to a veterinary hospital.  Our dog, Cloe, was labeled "unpredictable" and needed to be muzzled and usually took 3-4 of us to handle her - even after a tranquilizer.  Now, with Dr. M, Cloe just thinks she's there to give her lovin' in the convenience of our own breezeway (a.k.a. Exam Room)."

Pam White

"My pets and I LOVE Dr. Massaro!  She has been my pets, veterinarian, for several years.  She is competent and caring.  My pets never get nervous or stressed with her and it is an added asset that she comes to my home, so my pets can be cared for, where they are most comfortable.   Dr Massaro has cared for all of my pets from the day, I brought them home, until the day, they had to be put to rest.  Most recently, I had to put my elderly cat to sleep.  Dr. Massaro made this, most difficult, day so much easier, because she came to my home and helped my cat leave this world with such comfort and peace.   She is one of a kind and my pets are very lucky to have her for their "Doctor"."

Christina McCarthy (Daisy, and Hannah, too)  And in memory of all my other pets, who have been cared for by Dr Massaro over many years,  Olivia, Catina, Bogart and Spooky, a special thank you is sent out to Dr. Massaro.

george1"Dr. Massaro is always available by phone whenever I have had problems with my dogs(used to be 4, now 3)  It is a pleasure to have her come to the house and not have to pack up the dogs to take them for treatment."

Madeline Slade

"It is pleasure to see Dr. Massaro roll up the drive way each year to exam and treat my 3 cats and 1 dog. In between time I can usually reach her quickly and receive a fast response.  My questions are heard and our discussions always help me make the right choices for our family. Dr. Christine is a part of the family now."
Louise Dunphy

"I have found Dr. Massaro to be a special and unusual veterinarian. In addition to making house calls, she gives clients an hour time period in which she will arrive, so we don't have to wait any longer than that. Her arrival time, for me has most always fallen within that hour. The one time she was going to be a few minutes late she called to let me know. Her "van-side manner" is excellent. She is sensitive to the pets needs and dispositions (we have one cat who is wild and terrified to get her annual exam; she hangs on to the inside of the carrier when taken out to the van, so Dr. M. has to turn it upside down to get her out!  This is done with no seeming difficulty on Dr. M's part.

We had a cocker spaniel who we put to sleep last October after 15 or so good years with us. She was a rescue dog and a sweetie pie and Dr. Massaro took care of the  actual process, cremation request, made a donation in her name, and handled our grieving situation with dignity and respect. She has a great combination of professionalism and personal interest which makes it comfortable to relate with her in a way that is very satisfactory to this pet owner. Her monthly newsletters are helpful and informative. She has different office hours on different days but it is clear on her answering machine when she checks messages and how to contact her depending on clients' and pets' needs. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has cats and dogs that need the excellent care that she so well provides."

Jenn D.

"Dr. Massaro of the Cat and Dog House Call Practice, P.C. has been caring for our dogs for over ten years. Having a knowledgeable, self-confident, pleasant veterinarian come to our home and treat our dogs is one of the reasons we love living in the Pioneer Valley. She definitely takes the hassle and inconvenience out of getting our dogs the type of care that they deserve. We highly recommend Dr. Massaro to any cat or dog owner who is seeking high quality professional care."

Stan Pollack

"One of the best things that ever happened to us as a pet owners was the day a friend told me about Dr. Massaro's "Dog and Cat House Call" service.  At the time, I used to dread loading my cat into a crate and going to the vet's; now, the vet comes to my home to take care of my two cats.  When I had to put my first cat down, she came promptly and did it in a gentle, kind way right in my kitchen.  I recommend her to every person I know in the area who has a pet.  I thank her for her great caring service to our pets."
Lorraine (and Ralph) Silver

"Doctor Massaro has been our vet for almost 15 years. When our beloved St. Bernard got sick a few years ago she worked with us as partners to find a solution. She was available to us whenever we called and she has come to know us and our dogs well. I respect her so much as a vet because she goes the extra mile whenever you need her and she will research an issue if she doesn't know the answer right away. My dogs are healthier and happier since we've started with Dr. Massaro!"
Valle Dwight

"Words are inadequate to express the deep trust and confidence that I have in Dr. M.  She has been treating my numerous dogs and cats for many years now.  Her knowledge, accessibility and sensitivity are always a great comfort.
I recommend her without reservation."

Patricia Butterfield

"I have been a client of Dr Massaros for 5-6 years. Dr Massaro epitomizes with a capital E....Caring, compassion, respect and she is at the same time a warm wonderful person......how often does this happen in a health care provider?"
Neil M. Broome


buddy"Dr. Massaro is that rare vet who goes beyond the beyond of the extra mile.  As various health issues have come up with my dogs, I call, and she calls back!  I need her, and she comes! I order products and she delivers!  She has been particularly challenged with one of our dogs and has made it a professional  challenge to research and attempt to discover the source of Lucy's unrelenting cough.  When our dog, Buddy, died tragically at the State Hospital, she came there and followed us home so that we would have our last ride with him, and then she could take him. When our dog, Kloey, died, she came to the house to administer the drug that would send Kloey onto her next chapter. It was so much less stressful to both Kloey and to us, and to the other dogs as well. Our latest rescue dog, Harley, does not seem to like vets, and Dr. M. comes over, muzzles him, and then proceeds to do what she needs to do.

I have owned dogs for much of my life, and never had a vet who was a "housecall" vet. Because of our tremendously positive experiences with Dr. M, we'd can't imagine ever changing!"
Judith and Doug




"Dr. Massaro is the best!  My pets have taken to her. She is very easy to talk to, she spends time explaining things when you are unsure of what direction to take with a problem. She has always been available or made sure that someone else would be when we needed her.  Above all, she is most thoughtful and caring when tough decisions have to be made and is ever so gentle with the end of life patient and the owner when it is time to say goodbye at  home.  I highly recommend her! My dog, Robby, loves her."
Liz Scott

"We have been a client of the Cat and Dog House Call Practice for twenty years. During that time, Dr. Massaro has ministered to seven cats and two retrievers. She combines compassion and sensitivity with ability; all packaged in a mobile hospital that shows up at your door on-time and ready to work. This at-home service, a priceless benefit, provides comfort for both the humans and the animals."

Lary & Moira

"How wonderful to discover that a vet will come to the house to see your cat instead having to take the poor animal on a dreaded (and noisy) car ride. How positively fabulous to discover that this vet – Dr. Massaro – also turns out to be the best!  She really knows my animals, has very high standards for care, will never lie to you about anything, and is truly caring and kind.  She saved our cat’s life more than once and helped us say good bye to another.  I can’t say enough good things about her and her practice."
Janet Kamien

"I have 3 cats and 1 English bulldog.  We have been treating with Dr. Massaro close to 10 years.  We absolutely love her and her practice. She is amazing.  It is so convenient to have our animals treated at home instead of having to drag them all into a vet office, including having them recover from small surgeries at home like neutering.  She is so accommodating. She will drop off medications right at your door, she will always find time to fit you into her busy schedule, and she has even allowed us to take our animals to her home to be treated during emergencies.   Her prices are very reasonable, and she never over vaccinates. She only recommends what is absolutely necessary for your pet, and will always try to find the most cost-conscious form of treatment.  I would have to say the one thing I like best is that I can call her with any questions or concerns and she gets right back to you.  It has been extremely helpful to me whose animals are my children, that I can call her in a panic and she just tries to help me over the phone instead of having to incur the charge of going to an office. She provides great advice about a variety of things including training techniques, food choices, and even assistance when our dog got sprayed by a skunk.  I just can't say enough good things about her. Thank you Dr. Massaro."
Mariah Saville


"Dr. Massaro was sent to us from Heaven. We have two large labs and a cat. A trip to the vet was a huge chore, although it could be fun, it was still a lot of work. When I found her, I was delighted! A vet that comes to your home?! Holy cow! I was so excited to call. Sure enough Dr. M. has become part of our family and the animals always remember her. I always feel so great when she leaves. I know my dogs and cat are well cared for happy and healthy. We feel very luck to have such a great doctor, never mind the perk that the Doctor makes house calls. Got to Love it...... Thanks Dr. M."
Cher Bonavita


gracy"Dr. Massaro has cared for our animals since she established her practice in Belchertown. In fact, our dogs are likely to have been some of her first patients. She has our complete trust. She cares, she listens, she knows her medicine, she keeps herself current in her field, and she has a practical and well grounded approach to her craft. We are fortunate to have such a friend and dog doctor."
Arch and Judy Battista


"Dr. Massaro has been our vet for many years and through many pets.  She is fabulous to/with our animals and we cannot recommend her more highly."
Chuck an Linda Hallowell


"Dr. Massaro has cared for our cats for nearly 12 years, and we have been very impressed with her dedication and her accessibility. She responds quickly to phone messages and will talk us through whether our cats need to see her, never trying to push us into an appointment but ready to make one if we feel the need.

We made use of her in-home hospital when one cat was very ill, and we feel confident he received excellent personal attention and care from her. She contacted us daily, even on Christmas, with updates on his condition while he was with her. During exams, she is caring as well as confident and capable, and we feel comfortable trusting her with our furry friends."
Catherine and Robert Brooks

"Dr. Massaro has a very calm and even temperament, which is soothing not only for our cats but for us, too. She takes whatever time is needed to answer our questions and respond to our concerns. We feel fortunate to have found a vet whose personality, skill, and experience are everything we could have wished for. In short, she is the best!"
Julius Lester & Milan Sabatini


"I'll always be grateful to Dr. Massaro for her attentive care of the cats, and for her efforts and counsel whenever they were sick.  I've been a client of hers for over a dozen years.  Wish I had learned  about her sooner!"
Will R. A.


"Dr. Massaro is the very best Vet ever. I would not even consider having an animal without her. She is wonderful with animals, she is also a very calm person and very smart. She also comes right to your house so no stress for your pet or you. What's not to love. I have been a client for about ten years now. My son has her as a Vet as well as my daughter. I would tell everyone to go to her."
Darleen Shea


shim"When it became clear that, due to her fragile condition, I would no longer be able to transport the older of my two cats to seek care it was recommended I contact Dr. Massaro. As it turns out her house call practice has been an absolute blessing! Not only has the concept of a veterinarian house call practice been a literal life saver but Dr. Massaro’s approach to client-patient and doctor relations is a model of professionalism and compassion.

Dr. Massaro goes beyond what one might expect in veterinarian care and has time and again gone to lengths to help in times of extraordinary need, both of the animal companion and an anxiety ridden pet owner, all while working very hard to remain affordable in these tough economic times.

This community is extremely fortunate to have The Cat and Dog House Call Practice!"
Bill Redder


"We have been clients of the Cat and Dog House Call Practice for over 10 years. We could not be more fortunate to work with a vet as dedicated, skilled and compassionate as Dr. M. We have always felt so thankful that our beloved companions receive the highest quality of care from Dr. M.   She most recently helped us navigate complex medical issues we faced when our beloved dog of 10 years was diagnosed with cancer. We will always be grateful for Dr. M’s incredible skill, sensitivity, understanding, and dedication to providing the highest quality care and support needed every step of the way through a very difficult time for our family. We could not ask for a better vet and she has our highest recommendation."
The Nicastro-McKinley Family


"Dr Massaro has been my vet for years. I have 6 dogs and 3 cats (and more at different times over all these years). I can't say enough good about Dr Massaro! Her warmth and compassion for the pets as well as the owners is remarkable to say the least. She is not the kind of vet who runs tons of tests to run up the bill. Instead Dr Massaro stays calm (and keeps me calm) and discusses options but is very honest on what testing is really necessary and productive. My crew have a tendency to keep her on her toes with very odd symptoms, but through her knowledge, determination and research she always seems to come up with an answer.

I love the fact that a needed surgery is done right in her truck in my driveway and the animal can come in and recuperate in my arms. Dr Massaro is incredible in her follow-up including phone calls on weekends, holidays and vacation. My dogs love her too and bounce to greet her when she arrives. Having a home visiting vet is so very important to me so as not to cause undo stress for my fur kids. Physicals, shots, etc are all done in the comfort of our home.

We considered moving to CT a while back but decided not to because we were not willing to give up Dr Massaro and The Cat & Dog House Call Practice! Thank you Dr Massaro for all you do for us and our fur kids!"
Sharon & Carlo, Gracie, Gizmo, Sophia, Valentino, Fiona, Augie Doggie, Simon, Albert and Gilligan!!!


"I have been a client of Dr. Massaro’s for many years and could not be happier with how thoughtful and knowledgeable she is in providing care for my cats.  She is always available to discuss their care and treatment programs, and works with me to determine the best approach to any situation.

She stays up to speed with the newest studies and therapies, but is also measured in her treatment plans in order to help balance the cost of treatment options  with the value and quality of life of my animals.

There is nothing better than having a house call vet.  My cats greet Dr. Massaro at the door and their annual checkups, or any other visit, is much less stressful than if they had to be put in carriers and brought to a vet’s office.

Dr. Massaro is my favorite vet and I will always trust that she will provide the highest quality of care for my “kids”."
Shari Brunell (Mom to Cinder, Ella, Colt, and Halo)


"Dr. Massaro has been caring for my furry family members for the past 12 years. She has seen me through the lives of 3 cherished cats, and 1 beloved dog for whom, at the end of his life, went way above and behond the call of duty. I will be forever grateful for her wisdom, guidance, and help at such a difficult time. On a happier note, I now have 2 young pups and would trust no one but the best, most competent, caring and compassionate Vet to care for them = Dr. Massaro!!"



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